Company seals deal for street work in Mexico

Company seals deal for street work in Mexico
Dave Faries

Mexico’s city engineer, Drew Williford, refers to sealing cracks and joints on local streets as the least expensive form of road maintenance the city can perform.

Judging from bids received for a planned project this spring and summer, it’s also the most perplexing.

Three companies pegged the cost at over $100,000, with $135,516 from Vance Brothers in Kansas City being the high bid. Heet & Rodeman Construction out of Jefferson City calculated the work at $82,690.

Williford estimated the project would cost just over $34,000, but only two bids fell within the price range.

“There’s a huge difference in what people have bid,” observed City Council member Vicki Briggs.

The city approved a contract with Supersealing USA. The San Antonio, Texas, company filed the low bid of $24,951.

The work will cover parts of 15 streets on the west side of Mexico, including a stretch of W. Liberty and residential streets between W. Liberty and Boulevard. Omar Street is the only road south of Boulevard listed as part of the project.

If funds remain after this work is completed, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi streets will be added.

Crack and joint sealant work helps extend the life of pavement by limiting water leakage and the accumulation of debris that can cause damage. The city includes sealant projects in its annual street maintenance budget.

This is the first time the city has contracted with Supersealing USA for a crack and joint project. Last year, however, the company held a demonstration of its product on Morris Street for city officials.

“The treatment is still in place and no issues have been noted at this time,” said Public Works Department Director Kinsey Russell.

Williford explained that the wide range in bid amounts is due to materials and procedures used by different companies. While modified asphalt-based products are the most common, there are federal and state specifications that must be met.

Companies also use different methods to clean cracks and joints before applying the sealant. And they must take into account the spread of fumes during the work and safe disposal of materials after completion of the project.

“It boils down to the method of crack and joint sealing, Williford pointed out. “Supersealing USA is specialized for this work.”

The city began considering bids on March 15. No date has been set for the start of the project.


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