Elementary school principal braves cold and wind for fundraiser

Elementary school principal braves cold and wind for fundraiser
Community R-6 Elementary School principal Tammy Angel working from atop the school’s roof on Wednesday morning. [Dave Faries]
Dave Faries

It wasn’t on a dare. It wasn’t a prank. But Community R6 Elementary’s principal, Tammy Angel, spent the entire school day on Wednesday working from the roof.

She sent reports, she responded to emails, she answered the usual phone calls from the roof, working from a small desk on a laptop. Angel even oversaw recess from her perch.

She brought a whistle with her.

The unique office space was set up when the Parent Teacher Organization fundraiser reached the $3,000 mark. Since the PTO could not hold their craft fair this year, they settled on a “kiss the pig” event.

Students donated to piggy banks set up in classrooms and several teachers topped the goal of $200, putting them on the list to kiss a pig.

As an incentive, Angel agreed to work from the roof if the fundraiser reached $3,000. It did, and on Wednesday morning she was in the wind completing performance reviews on a laptop.

Angel said the WiFi service up there was excellent, but that she is afraid of heights.


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