Governor supports rural Missouri

Dear Editor,

As Governor, Mike Parson has made rural broadband a top priority. He has worked with private businesses and the federal government to bring millions of dollars of broadband investment to Missouri.

Rural Missouri is one of the best places in the country to live and raise a family. We have good schools, strong communities and the hardest working individuals. However, to give these communities the best opportunities and resources available we need high speed internet for everyone. The past few months have made that clearer than ever before.

Without affordable broadband service, rural areas are at such a disadvantage. We have a hard time attracting businesses looking to expand. Students struggle to complete homework and connect to remote learning. Farmers can’t use new technologies to grow crops and raise livestock, weakening their opportunity to continue decreasing impacts on the environment. Lack of access to telemedicine forces people to travel for hours and miss work for routine health care.

We need to keep our economy strong and make sure our communities are places young people want to stay. Broadband internet will help make that happen, but we need strong leadership to get the job done.
I plan to vote for Governor Parson in November because he works for rural Missouri.

Travis Brinker


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