Mexico music students earn gold

Mexico music students earn gold
Dave Faries

Two Mexico High School vocal soloists, as well as a mixed double quartet, came away from the state music festival with gold medal ratings.

In addition, five students qualified to audition for the Missouri All-State Choir, with Josh Forbis selected to the prestigious line up.

Forbis was named to the All-State Choir’s tenor section. He also earned gold status from the MSHSAA Music Festival for his vocal solo performance and for his role in the school’s mixed double quartet.

Joining him in the medal winning group were Jackson Unger, Andrew Stephens and Noah Harlan on the boys side. Hayley Hannon, Anna Auwarter, Haley Chastin and Miriam Gleeson made up the girls section.

Gleeson also was named a gold medalist for her vocal solo performance.

Mexico would have hosted the District 18 solo and small ensemble festival, with the highest rated performers attending the state event. But that would have been in a normal year.

“Like so many other things, this year the music festivals were handled differently,” explained Julie Pappas, MHS vocal music director.

To make the All-State Choir, Forbis took part in a three-step virtual audition process that played out over a three month period. Both district and state music festivals were virtual, as well.

Judging was done from an electronic distance. But the standards remained the same. To earn gold, the performance had to be musically artistic and be recognized as exemplary in all aspects.

Several Mexico students received silver at the virtual event. Ryan Pemberton was rated silver for his French horn solo. Icy Crame picked up the rating for clarinet and Makayla Spurling for alto saxophone.

Students earning silver for their vocal solos were Stephens, Kennedi Rowe and Ava Williamson. The clarinet trio of Raven Allen, Abby Prater and Emily Yeo also received silver honors.


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