Presidential race is hurting all of us

Dear Editor,

We as Americans are children who are experiencing two parents going through a very cruel, malicious, voyeur divorce. Wondering how we can receive love from two separate, yet equal parts of who we are, knowing the hate they feel for one another can and may turn towards us. Because we are just as much that person they once loved yet now hate with a passion. The two people in which we vote for as President should be two people with exactly the same attributes as two parents.

1. Doing what is best for America/children that was given to them.
2. Setting an example of what we should aspire to be.
3. Desiring to leave a better world than entered into.
4. Able to teach, show, give and forgive out of being the right thing to do.

These are components that you will always find missing from a bad relationship, no matter the beginning.

As Americans, we say stop, enough, you both are hurting us. All we want is to live, be respected and to have honesty to make our decisions without either parties bias, and information only shared amongst yourself, that is, until you tell us to hurt the other.

We say stop it, we are not dumb. We see you both have wrongs.

America, we have to choose what is now only the beginning of our future. Not the one, those of which have led and made our decisions for us. The "We The People", have to now make decisions for ourselves, using the good and bad we have experienced from both sides to make American better from what we have learned. No, neither side will always be right or wrong, yet both have to be willing to learn, accept, change and move on.

We have always been asked to choose between two options that somehow never seemed to be the best for the We. I challenge my fellow Americans to see yourself as a We and not a Them or They. You will see more of each other in one another. Only then, will we truly see what America truly is.
Embarrassment, resentment, scared, hopeless should never be words that follow having the freedom to choose.

Choosing to live with the parent that wants to be your friend as opposed to the one who wants you to be more responsible both have lifelong consequences that scare you for life. America has long been a three sided story and like all three sided stories ``We The People" are the 3rd sides much like children of some divorces go unheard to what we need and want yet decisions are made and papers are finalized to what others choose will be best. Let's make a plan to do what's best not just for ourselves but We. No matter who gets custody.

From your neighbor, co-worker, community, fellow America, faith believer, and even a person you may dislike, non partisan truth.

Carolyn Lewis


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