Riding in style with Sydenstricker

Riding in style with Sydenstricker
Drew Feger got a memorable ride to school Feb. 5. He is joined by tractor driver Connor Templeton, Sydenstricker employee. [Submitted Photo]
Nathan Lilley
General Manager

Some students take the bus to school. That’s all well and good, but for Drew Feger, another option proved more appealing - at least for one special day.

Drew was surprised during Catholic Schools Week as he got to ride to school in style Friday, Feb. 5, thanks to Sydenstricker Nobbe, Mexico. Sydenstricker donated a “Drive to School in a Big Green Tractor” for the annual St. Brendan’s online dinner auction in October. Feger’s parents Josh and Beth were the highest bidder of the unique - and fun - auction item.

And while Feger knew his family won the auction, he didn’t know what day the ride would take place.

“I had no plan other than a day that was convenient for both Sydenstricker and us,” said Drew’s mom, Beth. As things worked out, that was on the last day of Catholic Schools Week.

“I thought it was a great way to end the week,” Beth said.

The Fegers met Kim Sydenstricker at the store at 7:15 a.m., who gave them a tour and let Drew pick out a Sydenstrcker and a John Deere hat.

“He has worn that John Deere hat every chance he gets since then,” Beth said.

As they looked around, tractor driver Connor Templeton was warming up the John Deere.

And then came the 12-minute ride from Sydenstrickers to St. Brendan School; Drew recorded the trip with his GoPro. St. Brendan’s principal Kathy Coulson videoed as the tractor pulled into the school parking lot.

“Drew absolutely loved the experience and told me he wants to do it again next year,” said Beth. “I was told by some other parents their child has requested a ride to school in a tractor next year. I think there will be competition if Sydenstricker is able to donate a tractor ride again.

“I just would like to thank Sydenstricker’s for supporting St. Brendan School and providing a wonderful experience for Drew.”


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