10 questions with... Candaice Lauderdale

10 questions with... Candaice Lauderdale
Dave Faries

Candaice Lauderdale took over Cora’s Antiques in May and has been busy bringing in new consignors and shaping up the selection. She came to Mexico from Kansas City to be closer to family, but also to be a part of the business community. 


After all, Lauderdale remains a real estate agent licensed in both Missouri and Kansas. In a way, selling properties sparked her interest in antiques and collectibles.


1. Why antiques?


What I noticed was when I went to sell a Boomer’s house, they wanted to sell everything in it, as well. It became a trend. So I’d pick the collection and help them find a company that handled estate sales. I ran into a lot of hoarders. I never say anything bad about hoarders?


2. What makes people hang on to things?


I think it’s for sentimental reasons. They have memories associated with things.


3. Does having to sell the stuff in it make it harder to sell a property?


Absolutely. Whenever there’s a lot of stuff it creates confusion.


4. Is that why staging is important?


Yes. If you stage, you can get 25 percent more for your house.


5. What do you think of Mexico so far?


I love it. I love the small town charm. I’m a city girl gone country.


6. Did you have a business philosophy coming in?


I want to be a part of making the community better. I already joined the Chamber and the Village Square Association. I believe in constant reuse. Recycle, renew.


7. So antiques fit.


It does. It’s reusing.


8. Is having so much competition a bad thing or a good thing?


I’m a firm believer that as a collective group it will draw more people to the area. There will be people coming.


9. Do you collect?


I do. I collect art and vintage costume jewelry. I have several collections, but those are my favorites.


10. So you probably scoop up any of those things.


Yes (laughs).



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