10 questions with...Jonny Goodman

10 questions with...Jonny Goodman
Dave Faries

Jonny Goodman is a friend to many. He manages the popular neighborhood spot, The Dugout Bar & Grill in Mexico. He’s also known for his rides – a motorcycle that ricochets sound off downtown buildings and a muscle car. Goodman came to The Dugout in 2017 after working at Spartan. He is a graduate of Mexico High School but was born in the Los Angeles area.

1. People like to buy bartenders drinks. How hard is it to turn them down?

It’s easy until they know better, they’re a friend who knows you’ll have a drink with them. But I pull the old bartender trick and spit it back out – half the time.

2. Do you have to be good with people to do this job?

Yes. You have to have a high patience level and a high tolerance for repeated questions. We may hear the same story 37 times, but you still have to laugh.

3. What is the biggest challenge?

When you know your customers well enough that you can see they shouldn’t have another drink and you have to cut them off. You have to take the job seriously.

4. You have to control the room.

We have nights where friends come in and they’ve been drinking somewhere else and are beyond drunk. You reason with them, get them to drink water. You make sure they have a ride home. Down here we are like family.

5. How did that bar and family restaurant vibe come about?

Well, I don’t know anything up to the point when Brittany bought it. She welcomes kids and is good with kids. It brings life to the room. The regulars will color with the kids. It’s a family oriented restaurant.

6. Your vehicles – you like to go fast.


7. Does that get you in trouble?

The most nerve wracking part is worrying about noise violation – when you close the bar and head home. Pop-pop-pop at two in the morning.

8. Do you have a favorite drink?

Jack and Coke or a Miller Lite.

9. After a day around food and drink …

You cook food all day, so it’s hard to cook after you get home. I do have an occasional beer.

10. You’ve been here three and a half years now, can you see doing something different?

Yes and no. I do have other passions, other hobbies and things I’d like to accomplish. But no, because this is my environment. It’s my habitat. I love people, I love hearing history, I’ve met people from all over the country.


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