Early morning fire damages home

An early morning house fire on Thursday left scorch marks, a hole in the roof and shivering firefighters.

“It was cold, it was rough,” said Mexico Public Safety Department Major Brice Mesko.

Crews from two engines arrived at the scene in the 500 block of South Washington Street in Mexico around 2 a.m. They contained the flames before they could spread further and remained at the location until 5:30 a.m. to make certain there were no flare ups.

Residents of the home told firefighters they heard the furnace shut down and a circuit breaker trip. They rushed to check on the problem and saw smoke pouring from the wall.

An investigation into the cause was underway, but Mesko noted, “fire was definitely in the wall.”

When firefighters arrived flames had climbed above the ceiling and through the roof.

In addition to the fire, the house suffered smoke and water damage. Crews checked on the property throughout the day on Thursday but found no further issues.

Mesko observed that as temperatures get colder they can see calls related to space heaters, extension cords overloaded or stoves turned on. He points out that does not seem to be the case in this instance.

The residents got out safely and there were no injuries reported.

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