Getting busy at Bucky's: Crowds flock to new restaurant

Getting busy at Bucky's: Crowds flock to new restaurant
Family is at the core of Bucky's Sit or Get, a new restaurant that has opened in Mexico. Caleigh Wuger, left, is the daughter of co-owner Becky Steinman, second from the left. Hannah Pehle, right, is the daughter of co-owner Brandon Pehle. [Dave Faries]
Dave Faries

With lunch rush winding down on a Saturday afternoon, Becky Steinman and her crew at Bucky’s Sit or Get may have anticipated a breather. But a car pulled into the lot. Then a minivan, followed by a pickup truck.

Just as quickly as it had emptied out, the restaurant was at capacity again.

“It has been crazy,” said Steinman, who owns the new restaurant with her partner Brandon Pehle. “But it’s always like that when something first opens.”

But Bucky’s has experienced a particularly busy soft opening. Perhaps it comes from name recognition. Steinman runs a popular food truck and has been catering locally for the past 11 years.

That means she brings a veteran staff and familiar dishes into play.

It’s a diner menu with some flashes. The pork tenderloin sandwich would challenge the host of Man vs Food, but it is also comfortable — buttery and tender, with the gruff cornmeal crush providing a crackling complement.

This is a sandwich you can’t put down, despite its size. And it doesn’t require and assist from lettuce, tomatoes or other accoutrements.

There are burgers and a compelling list of sandwiches. Plates include country fried steak — your choice of white or brown gravy — catfish, grilled chicken and hot beef. But you also find fish tacos. And on Friday and Saturday evenings the kitchen carves prime rib.

Steinman says the pandemic caused her to settle on a sit down restaurant. With many events and gatherings called off, demand for catering services slipped.

“After COVID it was time to take a different route,” she explained.

The restaurant occupies the space left vacant when The Office closed. The name comes from a little mispronunciation. Pehle’s young niece struggled with “Becky.” When she called to Steinman, it came out as “Bucky.”

Steinman is taking steps to add alcohol. Otherwise there are no plans to expand, at least for now. After all, she still runs her food truck. And catering will likely pick up again.


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