Letter to the Editor: Consider wind turbines carefully

Barbara Jones
Audrain County

To the Editor,

There is currently a lot to talk about wind turbines in Audrain County. We, as citizens of Audrain County, need to do our research on the negative impact wind turbines have on a community. We can not just stand by and say nothing until it’s too late to share our concerns.

Wind turbines leave a huge carbon footprint despite what the company leads you to believe. However, that isn’t the only concern. Here are a few points to touch on but please look into the issue yourself to see all the negative outcomes as we are currently only hearing the benefits. Wind turbines have been shown to have a negative impact on humans as far as 6.2 miles from the turbines. Hearing loss, nausea, sleep disorders, dizziness, blood pressure issues, tinnitus and more have been documented in areas where turbines have been placed and are traced back to the turbines.

Impacts on human health have been a deeply contested issue however. The negative impact on animals has been researched and documented. Birds and bats are some of the animals affected by the turbines.

Please take a look yourself and find out why we as Audrain residents need to protect our land for ourselves and our future generations. Our decisions now matter. No wind turbines for me please.


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