Letters to the Editor: Find God’s target

Imagine a barn covered on the outside by many targets and imagine an arrow in the center of each one. There has been such a barn.

A comment was made to the owner of the barn that he was very good at target practice. The owner of the barn replied that this had been done by a young man who had first shot the arrows that were on the barn and then had painted the targets around them.

This got me to thinking about my spiritual journey. Am I going to God’s word in order to find God’s plan for my life or am I like the young man who first placed the arrows on the barn and then drew the targets around them?

If I don’t know God’s plans for me, how can I know where to shoot my spiritual arrows? How can I know if I have hit God’s true target?

So how do we find our true spiritual target? In Second Timothy 2:15 God tells us “Study to show yourselves approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed rightly handling the word of truth.” In reading and studying our Bibles, we learn what to aim for in our spiritual journey.

Our goal in life should be to follow and obey Jesus, to make him our Lord as well as our savior and to place Jesus first in our lives. What better target can we aim for?

Target practice, anyone?

J.M. Stock
High Hill


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