MMA tennis heads to quarterfinals after sweep of Moberly

Dave Faries

Missouri Military Academy swept Moberly 6-0 on Monday to claim the sectional round and advance to the state quarterfinals. But the outcome requires a bit of explanation.

In postseason tennis the match is over when a team reaches five wins. And as MMA head coach Brad Smith points out, “in this ‘first to five’ format we stop all matches once a team gets to five wins.”

Simply put, a 6-0 score is only possible if the unlikely occurs. And in this case, the Colonels Simon Way and Samuel Way won their singles matches at exactly the same moment.

All year the unbeaten Colonels have thrived on the motto “where there’s a will, there’s a Way. Against the Spartans, Isaac and Simon Way – also undefeated as a pairing – easily handled Moberly’s Nick Faiella and Maxwell Meystrik 8-1. And Samuel Way teamed with Marco Tavarez for an 8-3 win over Keegan Steward and Spencer Noone.

Gorka Yarte and Nathan Dempsey made it a 3-0 MMA advantage with an 8-0 romp to close out doubles.

By the time Yarte and Dempsey were ready for the singles round, it was all over. Tavarez had taken his first set 6-2 and was into the second.

But Isaac Way had dispatched Faiella 6-1, 6-0. That left it to Simon Way, who downed Meystrik 6-3 in the first set while Samuel Way knocked off Noone 6-1.

In their second set, the brothers blanked their opponents 6-0, timing the final points perfectly.

The Colonels traveled to Clayton on Wednesday.


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