School's out, The Cookie Club's ice cream is in

School's out, The Cookie Club's ice cream is in
Addison and Haley Schremp sample the Mexico Bulldog flavor ice cream at The Cookie Club. [Dave Faries]
Dave Faries

It’s a vivid shade of red with blotches of midnight black and puffs of silken white. So you expect brazen flavors – a burst of fresh berries, perhaps, and the brooding, bittersweet belt of dark chocolate.

But this is the color betraying your senses. The Mexico Bulldog ice cream at The Cookie Club in Mexico is a soothing vanilla that eases into chocolate and back again, with just a ripple of tartness to balance the embrace of cream on the palate.

Even larger pieces of Oreo or cheesecake cannot snap the reverie.

The Cookie Club owner Kiarah Harris developed the flavor as a way to celebrate. At this time of year – the ending of school, the approach of summer – a cone of Mexico Bulldog seems appropriate. In the fall she gave away free scoops during homecoming as a way of introducing her own line of ice cream.

“People loved it,” Harris said.

Since then The Cookie Club has expanded its homemade flavors. There’s vanilla, of course. But also edible cookie dough and cream, popcorn and more.

But Harris says Mexico Bulldog is as wild as it gets, at least for The Cookie Club brand. She stocks flavors from Ice Cream Factory and One More Scoop for some of the more daunting combinations.

The machine at Cookie Club does not allow the option of mixing flavors as the ice cream churns. Harris and her staff must work many ingredients in after the ice cream is ready.

That doesn’t stop her from thinking about it, though.

“You’re always looking for inspiration,” Harris said. “We haven’t experimented with over the top flavors. Maybe we should.”

It may be a good idea, considering how well people have taken to The Cookie Club’s ice cream.

Harris explained that when the shop opened two years ago, she was already set on adding the treat. She purchased the machine before baking her first cookie.

Ice cream had to wait, she pointed out, until “we kind of got the hang of what we were doing.”

The Cookie Club owner is partial to her edible cookie dough version. Naturally they prepare the cookie dough in house. Harris’ cookies are already a favorite, so her inclinations are probably spot on.

“It’s a great flavor combination,” she observed.

Harris expects sales to be strong throughout the summer months.

“It’s been going really good,” Harris said of her ice cream. “And the last two weeks we’ve been selling a lot of shakes.”


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