Vaccine speed

Being a senior citizen, I am greatly concerned about an issue related to the speed of inoculating citizens with Covid-19 vaccines. Missouri has not been in the forefront of speedy vaccinations. We need real speed.
Vaccinations will not be as fast as everyone says.

Take the Moderna vaccine. Say our maximum is 1,000 a day for a month. That is 30,000 a month. What if we do the same next month? This is a trick question. The answer is “0”. Why? Because everyone needs a follow-up in 30 days. No one reminds us (and apparently each other). The same is true of Pfizer. We really need speed because we are talking about a 2 month cycle, not a one month. We seniors want to survive.

Our Governor does not seem as concerned as I am. I read we have inoculated about 66.000, but have vials for 313,000 sitting in a warehouse.

Martin Walsh


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