Wrong to sell farmland to foreign corporations

Dear Editor,

I am an independent, full-time, traditional family farmer and I grew up on a Missouri Century Farm. My ancestors moved to America mid-1700s and have been in Callaway County nearly 200 years. My family and I farm to help others.

We support our community, county, state, and country. Like our ancestors, we are protective caretakers of the land for future generations. At the age of 81, I am shocked that anyone would support selling American and Missouri farmland to foreign corporations. This is wrong!

Governor Parson (as Senator) voted to allow foreign corporations to buy Missouri farmland thus handing over nearly 300,000 Missouri acres to foreign entities. This allows foreign control in our communities and foreign control of our food chain. This Is Wrong!

Governor Parson signed a bill into law, SB 391, which takes away local control thus restricting county voices on health concerns. Reducing the authority of our county officials in favor of special interests (which includes foreign interests) is alarming. This Is Wrong!

Increasing foreign control and decreasing local control should be nonpartisan concerns. I cannot support a candidate who is diminishing county governance in favor of corporate control (both out-of-state and foreign). I will NOT vote for Governor Parson because a vote for Parson is a vote for foreign control of Missouri farmland and a vote surrendering local control.

Kenneth E. Jones
Kingdom City


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